About game

1. Objective of the educational game

Welcome to the page of In-Cult! We have created this site with the aim to convey basic knowledge about six countries and their cultural treasures in a playful way to all those interested and to encourage the players to talk about them. The In-Cult Game is suitable for "single travelers" who want to discover cultural treasures from different European countries, but it can also be played in small groups (family, school class, senior group, intergenerational encounters). For this purpose, numerous materials are available online, they can also be downloaded and printed (see in the Knowledge section as well as in the Educator section). Through a combination of pictures and questions, the players are challenged to find out more information about selected cultural treasures and their countries.
The In-Cult educational online game has various gameplay options - memory game, 4 types of quiz, a knowledge section, with detailed information on all 42 selected “intangible cultural treasures” (ex. traditions, festivals, cuisine, music etc.) of the participating countries (Spain, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Italy and Germany) and basic general information concerning these countries. The download section of the game provides how-to-use instructions for adult educators that are willing to integrate the game in their lessons.
The information in the knowledge section is the basis for playing the game – the player can get familiarized with the basic information about the chosen treasures and later on try to directly apply and consolidate knowledge.

2. Structure

The game includes several game levels that build on each other:
● a memory in which 18 pairs of picture motifs are searched for,
● a quiz with 4 sub-areas that encourages solving knowledge questions in different ways,
● a knowledge area that contains the solutions to the questions and offers opportunities to deepen knowledge.

3. Game modes

The In-Cult-Game can be played alone, in pairs or with different small groups. As an online game with highscore, solutions and downloadable materials.

The individual game levels:

You have the possibility to play the memo alone as well as with others. The memory can be played by all including children which is why it is suitable for intergenerational groups and families. The memory include pictures of the cultural treasures from each country for the player to get familiarized with the treasures. The online game counts primarily the number of clicks it took to open all pairs. This way, the players who needed the least number of clicks get into the highscore list. If the number of clicks is the same, the player who needed less time to open the pairs will be ranked higher in the highscore.

In the "Quiz" there is the possibility to test the acquired knowledge (e.g. about knowledge - cultural treasures and interviews). There are four different quizzes to choose from to get to know the 7 chosen cultural treasures from each partner country.
The four different types of game help to get to know the chosen treasures with a mixture of visual based questions including pictures and classic text questions with content that leaved the player with basic information about the treasures.

1. answering questions: you will be asked a question (in text form) and have to choose the correct answer (in text form) from four possibilities. You receive one point for each correct answer. Wrong answers will not give you a point or a point deduction.

2. recognize the meaning of the picture: Match the shown picture with the right cultural treasure. You receive one point for each correct answer. Wrong answers do not give a point and also no point deduction.

3. guess the number correctly: you are asked a question and then you have to enter the number you think is correct. After you submit it, you will see what percentage of the question was answered correctly. If the deviation is in the range of 50-25%, the player receives one point. If the deviation is less than 25%, but still not completely correct, the player receives two points. If the deviation is larger, no points are awarded. If the answer is correct, the player receives three points.

4. country quiz: A picture is displayed. Match the cultural treasure in the picture to the country it belongs to. For each wrong answer one point is deducted. Thus also a negative score is possible.
Since the quiz are different, there is also an own highscore (best list) per quiz. If the score is the same, the player who took less time is ranked higher.
The game has additionally a separate “Educator Section” where the educators can find step-by step description of innovative activating methods, relevant materials and instructions related to non-formal blended learning of adults.